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"Without Diane's positivity and support, I don't know where we would be."


"In August of 2017, my daughter was riding Remi, and his right rear leg opened up a four-foot sink hole, perfectly sized for his leg. They fell backwards, and he laid there for quite awhile. When he finally got up, he was non-weight-bearing on that leg, and over the course of several hours, his hock swelled three times its size. X-rays the next day revealed two bone chips off his hock. We heard he will no longer be able to show, he will be a lawn ornament. We heard he will be no good. Then Diane came along.

"Remi had lost a lot of muscle during his stall rest. With a more-than-positive attitude, Diane did hot and cold compress treatments, red light therapy, and massage. Remi is a big baby and not the most cooperative horse, but Diane was very patient. She always had good things to say.

"Now, eight months later, Remi has no issues at all with his leg!

"After a good long workout, he has no limp, or heat. During his workout, there are no issues to be seen. His hock is barely bigger than his good one, and he gaits like a dream!

"Without Diane’s positivity and support, I don’t know where we would be. She is wonderful to work with, and you can tell she loves what she does. I am very grateful for her help through this healing process. She’s amazing at what she does."

— Stephanie Weckerly

Bowling Green KY

Stephanie and Remi.jpg

"Diane is an integral part of my training and reconditioning program..."


"Horses come to me with behavior, performance, and physical/emotional issues. They often experience years of discomfort. Expert body work is an indispensable part of their recovery process. They need a therapist with a good eye and a clear understanding of equine physiology, movement, and mechanics. They also need to be treated with understanding, patience, and respect. Diane’s extensive education gives her the uniquely qualified perspective and collection of tools that my clients’ horses need, as well as the sensitivity to make it a positive and productive experience. I am deeply grateful to Diane and all that she has done to help restore my horses and my client’s horses’ comfort, health, and happiness."

— Dale Rudin

Pure Joy Horsemanship

Santa Fe TN 

"Diane has become a part of our horse family..."


"I would like to give a big shout out to our Equine Massage Therapist, Diane Hash.

"We have an older 18-year-old Tennessee Walker who is an athlete in the EXCA organization, as well as a 12-year-old Rocky Mountain horse, who also competes in EXCA. We are firm believers in taking care of our horses to make sure they can perform to the best of their abilities, now and for many years to come. A big part of that is making sure they are physically taken care of on a regular basis: shots, coggins, teeth, hooves, checkups and massage.


"Diane has become a part of our horse family, visiting out at our place every couple of weeks to give the boys their massage and let us know if there are any concerns we need to address or precautions we need to take to make sure they are performing at their best. She is there for them after long trips for competition and for any hitches we find while working them.


"Our horses travel around 30,000 miles in their trailer each year. Even their little mini stable mate, Babe, gets in on the action on a regular basis. He travels with us and puts his little body through some grueling miles, albeit not much work, and gets his TLC from Diane as well. We are very thankful to have Diane in our corner as part of our regular care for our horses."

— Sherry Garmin

Pegram TN

"I am very thankful..."

"My ARHA pleasure mare, Docs Little Susi, suffers from navicular disease. Some days it was hardly noticeable, but others it was almost crippling. I was introduced to Diane through a friend. Diane came out to the farm and went right to work on a few of my horses.


"Susi was in the most need. Diane decided on massage therapy along with laser/red light therapy to target the navicular issue. I saw immediate results after turning her out when Diane was finished. I was able to compete at the World ARHA Show with a healthy, comfortable horse.


"I am very thankful for the care Diane took to get to know me and the horse. Susi still gets excited when Diane stops by to visit, and Diane can never resist loving on her a bit!


"She has worked on my dog, Gus, and my other horses as well. And I'm secretly wishing she'd start doing humans too!"

— Debbie Dismon

Dismon Stables

Rockfield KY

Susi a.jpg

"Without any hesitation, I would recommend Diane..."

"In December of 2013, our 120 lb bull mastiff began limping very badly.  Our local vet identified the problem as a torn ACL, and referred us to a large animal surgery center in Louisville.  

"As I began to research the injury, I was very discouraged to learn that following the surgery, we would have to keep Simba immobile for 12 weeks. How would we get her outside to do her business? How could we keep her from doing whatever she wanted to do when she weighs almost as much as I do? And many dogs, while trying to heal and deal with a leg that is painful from surgery, wind up tearing their other ACL due to favoring the injured leg!

"While we were still trying to figure out just what we would do, we met Diane. Diane treated Simba for about 40 minutes, three times a week, for about 3 months. This involved interacting with Simba to become acquainted, then she would use the laser on her leg and other key locations. Diane also gave her massage.
Treatments were a happy time, and never a struggle. Usually Simba would doze off!

"We began to see improvement within two weeks! Simba still limped, but it was clear that her pain was lessening. We tried to limit her activity, but she still went outside on her own.

"The improvement continued at a steady pace, and treatments changed to two per week, and then once a week. After about five months, Simba was pretty much back to normal. A year and a half later, you would never know that Simba ever had a problem. She romps around with her brother dog, and is just as active as he is. 

"Without any hesitation, I would recommend Diane. Her skills in laser therapy are nothing short of miraculous! Simba is living proof!"

— Debbie Carroll

Bowling Green KY

"Diane’s approach combined modern technology with the biological adaptation that occurs in nature..."

“That is the biggest German Shepherd I have ever seen!!!”  I hear these words often when I take my dog Tucky out in public.  At 115 pounds, he is on the high side of big but while that makes him magnificent to look at, it also presents problems.  He loves nothing better than jumping off of our deck to chase critters out of our yard so he has sustained several minor injuries  in his 6 years. 

"Last winter however, he came home limping and the limp seemed to get worse with each passing day.  Our veterinarian advised that he had probably sustained a serious injury to his cruciate ligament and outside of anti-inflammatory drugs and medications for pain relief, there was not a whole lot we could do.  He said that surgery was done for this type of injury but I could not imagine Tucky being immobile for the requisite period following surgery while healing was taking place.  In telling his story to friends and family, I learned about Diane Hash and the work that she was doing with laser light therapy.  I contacted her to see if she could take a look at Tucky.  While making no promises that the therapy would be effective, she had a spirit of willingness that told me to give it a try.

"As a result of the therapy administered by Diane, Tucky was able to go off of his pain meds and only takes his anti-inflammatory meds during flare ups.  For some types of sedentary animals, surgery may be a viable option but the outlook for a successful surgery and rehab period did not look bright for my high energy beast.  Diane’s approach combined modern technology with the biological adaptation that occurs in nature and as a result, Tucky is walking, running and disobeying all my commands not to jump!   He no longer whimpers from pain in the night and he once again enjoys teaching the squirrels that his yard is off limits."

— Patty Booth

Bowling Green KY

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