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I will consider the welfare of any animal in my care, above all else. I will support the attending veterinary professionals and their
recommended treatment plan. I will consult with those involved in the animal's daily care.
   Because actions speak louder than words, I will take every opportunity to demonstrate the therapeutic benefits of massage
to veterinary professionals and laypersons alike. I will work to advance our profession, to protect, uphold, and continuously improve the quality of our collective skills and training. I will conduct myself in a way that reflects positively on my fellow practitioners and our profession. I will mentor those who aspire to join us. I will respect those who may differ with us.

   In short, I will behave as a professional, and as a member of a professional team dedicated to the health 
and wellbeing of any animal in our care. 
   This is my creed. 
This is my promise.

   And the world is my witness.

   I am an Equine Massage Therapist.

I Am An Equine Massage Therapist

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