Meet Diane Hash, REMT, founder of

Feeling Your Oats Equine Massage.

Diane is a Registered Equine Massage Therapist who trained at  the internationally recognized D'AL School of Equine Massage Therapy in London, Ontario. Scroll down for more about her work and professional training.

Diane loves horses. She's been around them all her life. But it takes more than horse sense to do what she does. It takes rigorous professional training, peer-reviewed oversight, and continuing education. Diane is a member of the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists.

Diane is an alumnus of D'Arcy Lane School (D'AL). She graduated with honors after completing their intensive two-year program developed in association with The University of Guelph School of Veterinary Medicine. Her training included more than 2200 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction.

Your horse is in good hands. Diane interned at Kesmarc, the world-famous equine rehabilitation center in Lexington, Kentucky. There, she was entrusted with young, intact thoroughbreds valued in the millions.

Feeling Your Oats works with your horse's vet and the rest of your horse's healthcare team. As a member of the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists, Diane has completed more than a hundred hours of treatment regimens accompanied by a veterinarian.

© Diane Hash, REMT dba Feeling Your Oats Equine Massage. Feeling Your Oats is a registered trademark. All rights reserved. Photography by Kathryn Hollinrake, Some animals and locations courtesy Willow Lane Ranch, Granum AB. Trained professional. Do not attempt what you see here. Working with a free horse in a stall is not recommended and could lead to serious injury. In all cases, a handler was present and standing by.​

International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists (IFREMT)

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