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Every horse should have this level of professional attention.

Welcome to Feeling Your Oats. We are dedicated to supporting health and wellness for every horse, including...​

     • pleasure riding horses
     • competitive horses
     • racehorses
     • working horses
     • mounted patrol horses

     * retired/companion horses

Whether you want to help keep your horse injury-free, warm up before a competition, help correct for daily on-the-job stresses, or help rehabilitate following an injury, Feeling Your Oats equine massage therapy can help.

Our founder, Diane Hash, is a Registered Equine Massage Therapist (REMT). She has the same level of training and education as a Registered Massage Therapist who is licensed to work on people.

As an REMT, Diane is accountable for her professional conduct to the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists (IFREMT), and she is governed by the Standards of Practice and Code of Professional Ethics set out by the IFREMT.

Diane is the only REMT practicing in South Central KY and Middle TN who is recognized by the IFREMT, and she is a member in good standing.

Diane also offers cold laser and infrared light therapy to decrease pain, increase healing, and help improve performance. You can read about the many benefits of light therapy HERE.

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